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Watt Wah Group Key Strengths

Watt Wah Group is a provider of specialised transport and logistics solutions for petroleum products in Singapore. Watt Wah Group provides petroleum haulage and petroleum distribution to petrol stations island-wide across Singapore (such as Caltex, ExxonMobil, Shell and SPC). Watt Wah Group is the leading petroleum hauler in Singapore and Asian countries with an operating fleet of state-of-the-art petrol tankers.


High quality customer base with long tenure

Watt Wah Group maintains a high level of recurring revenue businesses with many of its key customers which has evolved into long standing relationships. As the leading petroleum haulage company in Singapore, Watt Wah Group has successfully established long term relationships with the major petroleum companies in Singapore. More than 80% of Watt Wah Group’s top customers have been with Watt Wah Group for more than 10 years. In fact, Watt Wah Group has several customers whose tenure exceeds 15 years. Watt Wah Group considers that its focus on quality service and specialised offering form the basis for these long-standing customer relationships.


Strong management team and board with extensive industry experience

Watt Wah Group is led by an experienced management team comprising Mr. Danny Lo (Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director) and Mdm. Annie Cheng (Director), both of whom hold over 20 years of working experience in the transport, industrial and logistics industry. The management team is overseen by a Board of Directors which includes members with extensive experience in the industry. Watt Wah Group’s senior management team is further supported by experienced Directors. The Directors and senior management possess capabilities across governance and mergers and acquisitions as well as commercial expertise in the logistics sector.


Established provider with strong market positions

Watt Wah Group has leading market positions in petroleum haulage and logistics solutions in Singapore and across Asia. Its market leader position is underpinned by a combination of technical expertise and specialisation, established infrastructure, years of industry experience as well as long term customer relationships.

Watt Wah Group has invested in a platform for growth
Watt Wah Group expects that its investment in people, fleet, facilities and information technology (IT) systems will result in opportunities for economies of scale and strengthen its platform for further growth. On the personnel aspect, Watt Wah Group has been committed to attracting and developing strong leaders who are well-versed in industry, supply chain and commercial working experience to support its operations in its wider management team.