Passion To Perform

Formed in 1986, view the extraordinary growth
story of Watt Wah Group here.

Mission & Vision

We are constantly seeking out new and better ways in getting tasks done, to create higher operational and financial benefits for our customers. We aim to think smarter and work harder to achieve more with less. Throughout Watt Wah Group’s history, we have focused on achieving more with less and continually setting new levels of reliability and control. We have created supply chain efficiencies to cut costs and deliver value while at the same time raising the bar on customer service and transparency. Today, we are redefining expectations in the fuel industry by delivering ever higher standards of productivity, performance and reliability. To deliver the highest value to our customers, we hold steadfast in our belief that integrity, accountability, and collaboration go hand-in-hand with innovation and growth. We are always looking for creative ways to perform our mission in the face of a changing marketplace. Our approach has seen Watt Wah Group rewarded with loyal customers and continued rapid growth.


We provide efficient and reliable petroleum haulage services with integrity and safety is our utmost importance.


To be a world class petroleum haulage transporter in the Oil & Gas Industry.



- Safety : Safety of ourselves and others is our number one priority
- Reliability : Delivering the right quality and quantity at the scheduled time
- Integrity : We are honest, fair and conduct business with the highest ethical standards, respectful in all our dealings
- Teamwork : team-oriented, proactive and knowledgeable
- Best customer service management : seek continuous improvements to serve all customers
- Strong business sustainability : mapping out economic efficiency, social equity and environmental accountability